Most of the products offered are from own design and development, all of them are industrially long-term applied and proven.

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Yeast strains


Carlsberg flask

Carlsberg flask  

Dough Mixer (lab application)

Dough Mixer Flyer Dough Mixer

Digital SJA (supplementary installation to SJA fermentograph)

Digital SJA Flyer SJA-Fermentograph-digital

Aerators (for industrial scale fermenters, static or dynamic)


Ethanol Analyser GA 1.1 (gas phase, on-line)

GA 1.1 Flyer GA 1.1

Ethanol Analyser GA 1.2 (gas phase, on-line)

GA 1.2 Flyer GA 1.2

Ethanol Analyser GA 3.0 (liquid phase, lab instrument)

GA 3.0 Flyer GA 3.0

Ethanol Analyser GA 4.0 (gas phase, lab instrument)

GA 3.0 Flyer SJA-Fermentograph-digital

Patented emulsifier "SPL" for Instant Yeast

  Flyer SPL Three component Emulsifier 

Micro-Scale Fluid Bed Lab Drier


CO2 / O2 - concentration measurement in fermenter exhaust gas with Add-on-unit for GA 1.1 / 1.2